Infomercials are usually defined as a commercial that is very similar in appearance to a news program, talk show, or other non-advertising program content.

They can deliver cost-efficient advertising to the largest possible audience, increased sales to consumers, build brand names, and introduce new products. Need some more proof they work? Ever heard of OxyClean® or the BowFlex®? They were hugely successful products that were launched using infomercials.

Whether it’s a 30 minute program for Television or the Internet, or a 5 minute demo to play at a trade show or your business, infomercials are a great way to brand yourself, name, and product.

Infomercials produced by Espo Productions:


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Here is a shoot we did at club Vue 19  in downtown St. Petersburg, FL  for an acne cream product. We built a set inside the club in 2 places. A third person running around downtown filming B-roll of the models. We were able to get everything at this location in one day. Did I mention the club was on the 19th floor of a high rise building? Loading in and out went better then we thought and of course parking was a pain. We actually shot everything on Canon 5D & 7D cameras for the film look and used dolly’s at the main interview area. We had some natural light to work with and also set up some box and fill lights along with our hair light. Wireless mic on the talent with boom mic on the pole when needed. The talent in the pink shirt is one of 6 models we used in the day. They received the product 30 days earlier and we shot before footage and stills of the subjects. Then after the results we started filming these beauty shots and “happy” interviews.